Dit is de line-up van Warface presents Live For Th

Dit is de line-up van Warface presents Live For This

Birgit Roobol - 16 oktober 2018

Art of Dance geeft geregeld het podium aan keiharde dj’s om een nacht te vullen, geheel in het teken van hun carrière. Uiteraard in combinatie met de strakke shows en keiharde line-ups die je van ze gewend bent. Artiesten als Radical Redemption en Angerfist gingen voor, maar nu is het de beurt aan Warface. Do you live for this?

Op 1 december slaan Art of Dance en Warface de handen ineen tijdens zijn eerste solo-event. En wie Warface uitnodigt in AFAS Live? Daar heeft hij een hele duidelijke reden voor. Het zijn voornamelijk artiesten waar hij veel mee samenwerkt. Voor iedere artiest heeft hij dan ook een persoonlijke boodschap, waarin hij uitlegt waarom zij op zijn line-up thuishoren. Dit is de line-up van Warface presents Live For This.

De line-up:


“It’s time to share the full line-up for Warface presents Live For This, including my personal reason for inviting each one of them.”


“A well-respected colleague and a true friend. He always delivers high quality tracks and is fast like no other.”


“A big inspiration and a true friend! With Ed, it was spot-on from day one in the studio, but also on a personal level. There’s no doubt that he would be included on the line-up.”

N-Vitral presents: Bombsquad Live

“Behind the hardest kicks in the scene there’s an honest, nice and humble guy. N-Vitral and I immediately had a click. Glad to have BOMBSQUAD on the 1st of December!”


“A true pioneer of today’s sound and my baddest MF. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and to others Ryan!”

Deadly Guns

“Michael is a true musician! What he has achieved in one year is something I’ve almost never seen an artist do before. So proud of you bro!”


“The guy who brought the ‘feel good’ melodies back into hardcore. All styles combined in one specific style: his own. So glad he will join me at the 1st of December!”

Sub Sonik

“Ilmar is one of the most promising artists for the future of hardstyle. I was immediately impressed by his style and sound!”

Mark with a K

“Together we are responsible for two of the biggest hits of 2017 and 2018, ‘Fear of the Dark’ and ‘Radioactive’, so he had to be on the line-up!”


“It’s always fun when we hit the studio together! We share the same opinion on everything. It’s great to have these Scottish lads at my event!”

Aggressive Act Live

“I’ve so much respect for their style and music. Kicking against the standards, that’s what I really like. This will be a rough one!”


“One of the biggest legends in the hardstyle scene and from whom I’m still learning so much from. Thank you for supporting me since day one! ”

Killshot Live

“A born entertainer with such charisma! We go way back and I’m so proud with what he has achieved in such a short space of time. Love you bro!”


“Searching for new talent for End of Line Recordings, I immediately noticed Koen. I’m so happy he’s on my label and part of my event.”


“The only one who knows exactly what I want during my sets. I wouldn’t want anyone else next to me on the 1st of December than Nolz.”

Join deze raw hardstyle helden op een nacht vol snoeihard geweldig in de AFAS Live. Koop je tickets hier.